Monday, November 30, 2009


In response to @PuriChristos and my double dog dare

Peanut butter you are a wonder
I dream about you when I slumber
Not the creamy icky kind
Crunchy suits my taste just fine

Except of course when you are in a cup
Surrounded by chocolate, I eat you up
Smooth then, I will enjoy
Paper wrapping peeled, Oh Boy!!

Mixed into a cookie batter
I'll eat you raw, it doesn't matter
Cooked up fresh, you are the best
Burnt up bottoms I detest

You look awful nasty in your jar
A good source of protein, definitely by far
You have a strange tan brownish hue
I would not want you in my shoe

A little knowledge removed from some
From my hair you remove the gum
Yes you may smell a little funny
But in my tummy you are very yummy.


  1. I considered telling of the amazing gum removing properties of Peanut butter, but I decided the dog entertainment was better.

    Great poem btw.

  2. Thats Awesome. Have you tried Peanut Soup? One of my faves.