Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chapter III - The Studious Duo

Paul and Chris stand outside the study door, guns drawn, ready to fire. “Go ahead, open the door.” Paul nods his head towards the closed door. “Uhh do I look like Mikey, willing to try anything? You open the door. I’ll cover you.” Chris states. “Besides I’m a better shot than you are old man.”

Paul shakes his head “you are the biggest pansy of a tough guy I have ever met. Fine I’ll get the door, but if something gets me then I am coming back to haunt you every night for the rest of your life.” Paul takes in a deep breath, trying to steady the nervousness he feels. He exhales and reaches his hand towards the door knob.

Chris raises the Glock holding it with two hands, aimed at the door. “I’ll try not to shoot you. Count of three?”

Paul grasps the knob “three, two, one.” He turns the knob and throws open the door. “No lights, can’t see anything.” He reaches blindly around the corner, fully expecting something to grab his arm and tear him to shreds, flipping the switch, he pulls back to allow Chris space to clear the room.

Chris steps through the door glancing quickly around the entire room watching for immediate danger. He then begins a thorough visual scan starting on the left side of the room working his way around to the right. This is a moment when he is very thankful for sparse furnishings, nothing for some creepy to hide under or behind. “Clear!” He speaks loudly so Paul can hear him.

Both men visibly relax, tension melting from their shoulders and neck. “Okay, no witch waiting in the wings for us. So where did the who or whatever go that dirtied our floor?” Paul asks out loud.

Chris just shrugs his shoulders in reply.

Three gunshots echo through the monastery, the two men look at each other then take off running towards the sound.

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