Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eyes Closed

I am so very tired and drained. I need you with me now, so I close my eyes and think of you. My heart is filled with joy, my spirit lifts with my eyes closed and you near me. With my eyes closed this world is ours, we have each other to touch, to feel, to talk, to listen. You are mine when my eyes close.

Night is upon me now and with eyes closed I can feel you lying next to me in a bed that is our own. I can hear your heartbeat as my head rests on your chest soothing in my ear. Your arm wrapped around me tight, pulling me close to you, our hands entwined on your stomach. Our love encompassing my very being.

It is cold tonight, but the warmth of your body against me keeps the chill of the night at bay. The sound of your voice in my mind keeps me from breaking as you tell me "It's all going to be okay." You soothe me. I can hear you talking to me now, as if you were with me. With eyes closed the vibration of your voice calms my body, my tension easing away.

With eyes closed I begin to drift off to sleep next to you with the peace and comfort you bring. Before I fall into my dreams I lift my head, you lower yours, for a tender kiss good night. My heart fills with love and the cacophony in my mind stops. I miss you most at night but with my eyes closed I do not miss you anymore, because you are here with me as you will be in my dreams.

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