Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Addicted Mind

spiraling twirls of color rein down through his brain
red, blues, greens conjoin and entwine
weaving threads of thoughts and dreams
the line is clearly blurred
wells of feelings drift to the surface
marring perfect ideas of fantasies
reality shifts to the world around
in death it's perfect entirety
surely this must be madness
this hope, this love, this world
so much death and violence
so much pain and suffering
it can go away easily, simply, just swallow
the hopelessness the loss is just too much to bear
it's gone, it's all gone now
the colors drowned by shadows
He is drowning and cannot see the light
it's okay, no it's not, just one more
the calm caresses the soul
he's here, he's gone and cannot find himself
an empty shell with incoherent thought
follow the path of emptiness, it's safe there
no one will know, no one will care
no one will see to the real him, no one but me