Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Demons Among Us

I can't remember the name of the movie Denzel Washington was in; but it was about a demon that was able to pass from person to person by touch. There was a scene on a crowded city street where the demon was able to escape Denzel by "passing through" all the people it came in contact with. No running, how about that? If you live in a big city, or if you've even watched a movie with New York in it, then you know there are thousands of people in the crowd.

There are days when I feel the whole world is that crowd and there is more than one demon running amok,passing through us and spreading feelings of sadness and doom. This feeling seems to grow the closer we get to Christmas. Have we really gotten to be such a materialistic, power hungry society that somewhere in the middle of acquiring all our goods, and making all our power plays that we have forgotten we are people??

In Africa, female circumcision is alive and well. Recently I read an article where this is being done to teen aged pregnant girls. This is, in most (and I would venture to say all) cases a forced procedure. Now seriously think about that..... How horrifying that must be. What horrifies me more is the few people I felt I could discuss this with really didn't care what was happening in Africa. Here is where I think the demon has invaded. How could someone not care once this is learned? How can this barbaric atrocity still be happening in the world today?? Why isn't more being done to stop this???

In Uganda, if you are gay or have AIDS it's possible you could receive the death sentence, this is still in debate. The article attached is dated December 10, 2009. Yes, that's right a week ago. If you are a family member or friend of someone who is gay or has AIDS and you do not report your loved one to the government for these things, then you face 7 years in prison. The demon strikes again, in office and on the street. One person I spoke to about this said, "Good, then we won't have to worry about the faggots and the disease will be controlled." WHAT???

These 2 particular articles have been in my head since I've read them. I look around and see people complaining that there is not enough money to buy MORE stuff for Christmas and they are sad and depressed. This is the retail demon taking over. Really, our children would be much happier if Uncle Bob were killed for having AIDS as long as they get that new I pod. Things would be great while sister Janie is recovering from her genital mutilation, so long as that new digital camera is under the tree.

Sometimes selfish human nature sickens me. I have been feeling this the last few days and sit and wonder what I can do. What part can I play in all of this to try and help. I really don't know. I do know I can make more people aware and perhaps this will get to someone who has some ideas.

The really sad part, the truly depressing part of this is wondering how many really do care?? I care to the point of making myself sick. This also makes me realize what is important this Christmas. Look around your life, at the people you see day in and day out, your family, your friends and even the strangers you see on a regular basis at the grocery store, now smile and say hi. Because they matter, you matter. Even the crazy guy at Wal-Mart. Try to avoid being touched by the demons.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dancing With Life and Death

Stop and listen..
Do you hear the call??
Of darkest whispers and crimson fall

Stand still don't move...
Did you feel it's touch??
The painted dreams of lies and such

Quick now move..
Did you delay??
Escape the pain, perhaps you may

Run faster now...
Do you dare???
Into the woods so bleak and bare

Again you stop...
Can you hide??
The demons welling up inside

Take a breath...
To stop the sin???
The feelings coming back again

Open your eyes...
Do you see it shine??
The brilliant light that tells the time

Move again..
Are you so old??
Fight the crimson and the cold

Now take a step...
Did you just falter??
Just breath again and take another

This is how we make the choice
To live in darkness or rejoice
Just step again and keep on dancing
This is life, we take our chance in.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Waiting................ and waiting.......... I've learned, God, to patiently wait. I wait in long lines at the grocery store and patiently bide my time looking at the magazines or talking to the person next to me, also waiting. I wait at the bank to make deposits and withdrawals, zoning out and telling myself to be patient.

I wait at red lights, trying not to overload my brain using telekinesis to turn the light green. I even wait while the person in the car in front of me finishes putting on her make up or reading the newspaper, and I don't honk my horn. I wait... ever so patiently for inconsiderate people.

I wait and try to be patient as my children tell me in long drawn out, over adjectived (yes my own word), monotonous voiced, tall-tale telling of their very boring, unenlightening, stupid, days at school (their words, not mine). I wait to hear why one is crying and the other is yelling and screaming. I wait while I listen to how GI Joe lost his arm and try to teach them to wait for the glue to dry, so the arm will be repaired only to be torn away during the next battle.

Today I waited as I read about Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura , and will have to wait for my next blood test or two to see what is up. Tonight I sit here and think about all the waiting I have done in my life. Waiting on things, waiting on people, waiting on cars, waiting in line, waiting for the right moment just to wait for the next moment. Tonight I am tired of waiting and feel very impatient. Tonight I am tired of waiting. Tomorrow will be a better day... for one it's Friday.... but I won't be waiting :o)