Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dancing With Life and Death

Stop and listen..
Do you hear the call??
Of darkest whispers and crimson fall

Stand still don't move...
Did you feel it's touch??
The painted dreams of lies and such

Quick now move..
Did you delay??
Escape the pain, perhaps you may

Run faster now...
Do you dare???
Into the woods so bleak and bare

Again you stop...
Can you hide??
The demons welling up inside

Take a breath...
To stop the sin???
The feelings coming back again

Open your eyes...
Do you see it shine??
The brilliant light that tells the time

Move again..
Are you so old??
Fight the crimson and the cold

Now take a step...
Did you just falter??
Just breath again and take another

This is how we make the choice
To live in darkness or rejoice
Just step again and keep on dancing
This is life, we take our chance in.

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