Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Christmas Wish

White snow glistening all around, the forest trail unwinds

A path that leads to no where, two lovers slowly stride

From the town they hear the sound of children's happy glee

Skating on the frozen lake, and running wild and free

Years have passed since they first met, and never could let go

Of feelings toward each other, that only seemed to grow

An ocean apart, but close at heart, they held on to the wish

That come one Christmas Eve some day, they would share a kiss

The time has finally come for them to never be apart

He holds her frail and aging hand, as he's always held her heart

They stop amidst a copse of trees, the perfect place indeed

To share this long awaited gift, to fill an aching need

This will be their first kiss, a distant love they've shared

His eyes have grown quite tired and there's silver in her hair

He reaches out to hold her, she moves to his embrace

She turns her chin up towards him, he looks down at her face

He leans his head in slowly, their hearts pound and race

He kisses her so softly, with love and with such grace

The Christmas Wish they've waited for, granted for these two

Now they'll never be alone a Christmas dream come true.

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