Friday, October 31, 2014

Death's Calling

My trouble, you see, is the very truth that you have haunted me every minute of my very existence. You with all your wonder, your tantalizing allure that always drew me into a spiraling madness of venomous demons whose company pleasured me. My failure to resist opening myself to you rests firmly, and solely, on my own shoulders. I am to blame for tempting you to come for me. Though I blame and hate you, you are not to blame, nor to be hated. My heart raged at the very thought of you, yet my thoughts would not release you – how I weakened at the knees mentally exploring the life we would have. Now you are here for me, I quake in fear. You are a battle I do not have the will to fight. As is our desire, you shall have me, my darling, there is no turning back. 

 The midnight hour tolls - the sound no longer music to my ear. Chiming tones reverberate around this sullen room with warning that my time draws near. I crave release from this life that chains me. I cannot be bitter at your acceptance of my invitation. You merely answered my call, as lovers do. I should not be alarmed that you are here, as you have always promised, singing to me your deadly lullaby. The melodic tone of your voice calms me, your haunting song lures me deeper into you. I close my eyes and you are all I hear, my love. The tolling chimes silenced. 

 Time slows while night draws in, but the darkness I so once craved is now a blanket of fear that wraps me within its icy arms - your arms. You see, the very essence of you resides in the darkest of the still night, waiting for my light to extinguish so that you may possess me. Silently I await for you to claim me. My body still, all I feel is you, my dear, sweet darling. 

I have wanted you for so long, to embrace your beauty. Yet now that you are here, I am sure that my very soul is in dire peril. I want to cry out, hoping someone will rescue me from your charms, but I am alone with only you. I am at your mercy and cannot quiet the rapid beating of my heart. My stubborn pride does not want you to hear how I feel. How can my greatest desire be the very thing I fear most? Your soothing voice speaks my name, a caress that touches me to my core, and I know that you are ready for me. 

 So be it, my love, take me. I am ready for you. Ready to be carried away by your chariot and dark horses to the next life. Oh, how I hope you will favor me above others and grant me amnesty from the creatures of hell and their tortuous games. I have not lived a chaste, nor wholesome life. I am broken and damaged by the ravages of this world, my body worn from time and injury. Take me now, my love. My breath hitches at the press of your lips to mine, drawing me out of the flesh-laden husk that was my home for so long - a bloody prison I pleaded out of to let this misery pass quickly. Now there is no longer anticipation. You, and only you, can grant my dying wish and free me. You want me as I want you. Your kiss is filled with a passionate desire to consume me, I cannot resist - I let go. My spirit soars into you, for you are everything, and I am now eternal dust. I am yours, my love.

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  1. Well, I'm impressed. Very good! No, great!! I'm not going to badger you again to write, you will when the time is right. I didn't start until I was 60. So there is still hope we will see you create a novel.