Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Dust

She was once the patient one, always willing to wait. The one who always understood being left behind. She was once brave, standing in the face of fear and shouting in it's face to end it's injustices against those who cannot defend themselves. The one who can hide the hurt bestowed upon her in the most secret places, no one can find. Falsified, personified by appearances, she was the pretty one, an easy guise to feign. To all who knew her, she was a rock, seeming to stand solid and strong, while inside she crumbled as easily as a thin layer of shale. She would hand out smiles she could barely muster, hiding tears that wanted to fall.

In the dark of night alone, wondering what it's all for, she is weak. She knows she has failed herself, has lost her potential to be someone, because she chose to always help someone else. Now she is alone and scared. She is tired, age slowly stealing her youth, wasted energy sapped away by the selfish ones. A willing sacrifice, her light slowly fades like the setting sun. She has no one to blame but herself, for allowing to be set aside like a little doll , to be abused, to be unknown. As she was in death, she smiled as she surrendered to the end, the darkness come to engulf her soul.

A shining star, dimmed by the world, to dust she does return.


  1. Valerie, you seem to be the mistress of leaving an audience wanting more. This piece has left me wanting to know the backstory of the character and exactly how she has become as she is in this moment. You have left me wondering. Great writing, Val.


  2. That's good for your is a piece I put together, and it's meant to relate to each reader on their own level. Everyone at some point or another has felt used, or abandoned, it's life.

    Maybe she was a hit man for the marfia and got tossed under the bus...

    Maybe she was Bonnie?? And at the end wondered why the hell she was even hanging with Clyde?? Was he worth it?

    A princess..
    A housewife..
    A sister..
    A mother..

    Technically she can be anyone... even you or me...