Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Immortal Freedom

So there I sat in the darkness, surrounded by the dead, imagining the voices of those long gone begging me to let them out. Sorry guys, I'm trying to escape myself, I'll have to come back for you later. I just need to hide out here for a while. No way they will come looking for me here.

What's that crunching noise?? I turned my head to the side trying to place the noise and could only imagine stray dogs with matted fur snacking on bones. Not a good image while sitting in a cemetery. Too late, that is what was stuck in my head. Why not, I thought?? With what was chasing me, why couldn't it be dogs having a buffet on the corpses??

Another noise grabbed my attention. I could hear them outside the gates, moaning as they passed by. I held my breath, I didn't want them to hear me. My heart was beating so fast in my chest I thought it was going to explode. I was sure they could hear that thump, thump, thump speeding inside of me. I couldn't hold my breath any longer and tried, as silently as possible, to exhale and take my next breath. They stopped. I couldn't see them, but I knew they heard me. Dammit!! I didn't know where to go from here. I'd tried everything I could think of to throw them off my trail, but like he said, they will always find me.

He, is Marstoni and he, wanted to posses me forever. I lived in his castle for many years. I don't know how many, but it seemed like a century. He never tried to turn me, but cast some spell on me so I wouldn't age. He said he didn't want my soul corrupted. I had to laugh at this. I guess he was expecting me to be a good Catholic girl until he grew bored of me and decided to kill me.

Little did he know I never expected to stay a good little Catholic girl and I sure as hell wasn't going to be his pet forever. He loved to dress me up in pretty dresses and parade me in front of his friends at fancy parties and dinners. What I think he loved more were the challenges that would arise when one of his buddies couldn't seem to resist the smell of my blood. What's worse is that I eventually grew to be amused by these situations as well and played up the fact that I was human, with hot, red blood flowing through my veins. I would wear clothes that showed off as much skin as possible without revealing everything. I was the virgin slut. A tease among immortal monsters.

This does grow boring after some time, so to keep things going I have to run away from time to time. This time I really thought I had them all fooled and was going to taste freedom for some time. Man, was I so very wrong.

Goons were tracking me, and they were not under Marstoni. I knew what would happen if I were to be captured, and it wasn't being brought back home and lectured about the downfalls of trying to escape. If I were caught this time, I knew I would be dead.

Where is a cat when you need one??? The only thing these Goons were afraid of. Cats scared these guys so much they would freak out and poof away, leaving being a fine green mist, the Goon equivalent to pissing yourself. The look on their faces before the transport away is so damn funny. I knew I was cornered, so i took a chance, "Here kitty kitty!!" I heard a very loud groan on the other side of the fence. I giggled because I knew they understood me. If only they would be afraid enough just from the threat. But no, this can't be, their sense of smell is very keen and they would be able to detect the presence of a feline friend.

I had no choice but to make a break for it to the other side, hop the fence and haul ass to my next hiding spot. Where that would be I had no clue. I leaped up and began running as fast as I could, hurtling grave markers like a track star. Shit, it was so damn dark. I silently prayed in my head, please don't let me fall, please don't let me fall. I was a good little Catholic girl after all.

I managed to make it to the scrolled, wrought iron fencing surrounding the cemetery, get my foot in the first line of supports and hurl myself over the top. I crashed down on the other side pretty hard and banged myself up. Don't laugh, I made it over the damn fence. I quickly regained my footing and took off down the street. It was very late and no one was out except hoodlums and drunken bums. I could handle any of them no problem. I took a quick glance over my right shoulder and sure enough here they were coming at break neck speeds. How the hell can they move so fast?? I needed to find a weapon, hopefully a cat. I tore down an alley way, trying to be positive, telling myself this is a stray cats favorite place. I prayed again to myself, here kitty kitty, oh please be a kitty!!! I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, it looked like a tail trying to make it's way under a pile of trash. I stopped and retraced my steps, breathing heavy, "Kitty, kitty, kitty"

Getting down on the filthy, litter strewn ground of the alley, I cautiously peeked in a dark alcove of trash. A cat!!! I reached in quickly to grab the puffed up feline beast. It clawed at my arms and bit me. Nothing compared to what I knew was going to happen if I didn't hold on to it. Standing back up, holding the cat against me, I walked back out the way I came, right into a gang of Goons. All six of them got the funny faces, began trembling and POOF! One by one they dissolved into the mist. I began giggling. The 3 gang bangers that witnessed the scene looked at me like I was crazy, this caused me to laugh even louder. The turned around and quickly walked away. I followed behind them, dirty and giggling. I had no clue where to go. I petted the cat in my arms, it had finally calmed down and stopped fighting against me. "Be nice kitty, you saved my life. Tore me up a bit, but I can forgive that." I wondered where we would go from here and continued walking the deserted streets of the city. Maybe I wasn't cut out for this freedom. I didn't really know how to behave in this decade, maybe I should find my way back to Marstoni. I wondered how pissed off he was at me right now.

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  1. Wow Val. Just wow... This story was great. It literally had me sitting at the edge of my seat while reading it. Thank you for publishing it here.