Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spewing Gushes Of Love Tokens

Valentine's Day... so it is here again... what do we do with it???

Some people think it's a day to send over priced, albeit, beautiful flowers to that special person in their life. This is good, as the economy needs the stimulation. If you're lucky, maybe you even get a box of chocolates too. This will help stimulate good endorphins and hopefully quell the stress of wondering what the hell you're supposed to do today.

Do you dress up and go out to dinner? A little dancing to try and rekindle the old flame that at one time burned but now seems to be the smoke from an extinguished match head.

Perhaps it's just a reminder for some, that another year has passed and regardless of the New Year's resolution, they are still alone and now have to watch (again) as everyone else struts around showing off their flowers and gifts. Don't worry, next year you'll get flowers too.

So one big bright, beautiful day spewing love tokens and gushing shows of affection... then like that it is gone.

Maybe you're the guy that gets the raw end of the deal, going out of your way to purchase the flowers and perfect gift for the girl you love only to have it thrown back in your face: it isn't good enough or her best friend got diamonds and all she got were some lousy flowers and a stuffed teddy bear. Obviously you don't love her as much as her friend's boyfriend loves her friend.

What a day of love and giving!!!

I think the most fortunate people today are the ones who know the person they love is the one person in the world who would pluck down the stars from the sky and hand them over with the biggest smile on their face. That person, in return knows that the smile shines brighter than any of those stars. These people are the most blessed because they know when this day is over, that smile will still be there almost every day the rest of the year. They also know when the smile is not there, there are arms to hold them and they will not have to face the sad parts of life alone. They are the ones who will love unconditionally, faults, sadness, mental illness and all. They are partners and friends, lovers and inspiration for each other. They are the biggest gift they can give each other.

So yeah, roses, chocolate, diamonds and dancing are very nice. But roses die, chocolate gets eaten (or not, especially if they are the fake orange flavored cream filled ones), diamonds get placed in the jewellery box and dancing... well I can't knock dancing, it really is wonderful and fun and can be very intimate. So remember to really show your love behind all the pretty things and if you really want to give a great Valentine's gift, make a promise to show your love every day... not just this one day a year.

Oh and to you people who feel angry about what you get... stop being a selfish jerk.. someone went out of their way for you, show some appreciation. Someone loves you so don't be a bitch.

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