Friday, November 13, 2009

Truth Shall Make You Comfortable

I was initially excited when I was told about National Novel Writing Month. Sounds fun, I thought. I can dish out some words. 50,000?? No problem. Hell I tweet more than a porn bot. So I invested about 4-5 hours of time into the last three posts. See I can get some words out... that's the easy part. Guess what??? I had a problem. Seriously. Even before I sent this to a friend to have him look over it, I was thinking, this is just plain old crap. To my friend, I'm sorry I even wasted your time with that, but you dear sir are an inspiration. Thank you for being honest with me.

I tried justifying it in my head... this is about quantity not quality. It's crap, my little voice screamed at me. How can you possibly submit anything like that to anyone, even for shits and giggles??

I can't. I know this competition is really great and important for some people and I have a couple of friends who have decided to challenge themselves. One in particular is really rocking it out. Cool deal.

Me, I have gone back to the drawing board to mix it up again and give a full hearted effort into writing a novel. I feel more in my place now taking this path. I've also learned a lesson in all this... in writing, life, sex whatever you do, be you and do what feels right in your heart. Don't be compelled to keep up with the Jones' just be you and the world (and yourself) will love you more for it. Write from the heart, not for the count.


Me :o)

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  1. Hi Val, I really feel you on this one. NaNoWriMo in theory is a cool concept to push writing but from the start, for me, I knew the commitment would be too much pressure. Maybe one day I'll be there, when writing is my primary job, but until then I'll take the words as they come. Keep writing!